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Sustainable Future


Brands - Carpets

Environmentally Sustainable Carpet

TUNTEX is China’s leading carpet manufacturer dedicated to green technology and environmentally friendly production methods. Through its global network of industry experts, TUNTEX has risen to global prominence through the environmentally conscious production of high quality carpets for the international market.

Having recently been awarded Green Label Plus certification by the US-based CRI, TUNTEX is committed to production that guarantees a safer, cleaner environment for the future. 


Sustainable Quality

Millennial is a brand that provide top quality vinyl planks and tiles as well as carpet since 2012. Millennial has sourced a new generation of quality finishing products that is predominantly made of renewable raw materials.

Aiming to set an example for future generations and to handle our resources with great care, Millennial looks forward to further innovations and hope to convince you of the outstanding quality of their products.

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Tradition and Future

Established since 1921, FINDEISEN are the world market leader today specialized in commercial needled carpets. Focusing on modern production processes, latest technology and modern design, FINDEISEN present quality in its most beautiful outfit, in every colour and shape you can imagine and according to the requests of their demanding customers. 


FINDEISEN was awarded the “Blue Angel” eco-label for its low-emission needled carpets. FINDEISEN have also produced a new generation of needled carpets that is predominantly made of renewable raw materials.

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