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Textiles & Window Finishings

Handpicked High Quality Materials



Fine Fabrics

The satiny touch of a chaise, the soft glow emanating from drawn curtains and the beauty of a timeless print. A property that stands out from the rest. At Acacia Fabrics, we make that a reality. Purveyors of fine fabrics since its inception in 1994, the company is credited as one of the first to introduce fine fabrics and quality interior furnishings to the market.



By engaging with Acacia, one can be assured of that nothing will be ordinary. From services to products, we will only provide the very best. To us, every architectural gem deserves to be extraordinary.

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Customers' Favourite

Fabric Library, designed to be The People’s fabric, one of the most beloved by all good house-proud owners.

Beyond its quality and affordability, Fabric Library’s popularity hinges on its uncanny ability to capture the imaginations of people across cultures and taste for colours, designs and home concepts. It is embraced in the city and suburb homes all the same.

ACACIA, with the cachet of a leading distributor of quality fabrics prized this as the darling of enthusiasts on a budget-spree, yet no betrayal to quality. Imported from ASIA countries. 

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One of Acacia Fabrics' flagship brands is Estelle. Hand-woven by artisans for connoisseurs, it is undoubtedly one of the best fabrics money can buy.


Each piece takes abundant passion to complete and it is woven by craftspeople who have honed their skills over generations. In the world of textiles, Estelle is the designer equivalent a bespoke suit from Savile Row and it promises to elevate your commercial or residential properties to a class above the rest.

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